Welcome to Yoga Initiation Course at Holistic Center!

Through this 12-week course you will get initiated in a complete yogic practice.

It includes physical postures(asanas), breathing(pranayama), visualisation and mantra. In addition to that, we will take a look at what yoga really is, behind the trend.

Every participant will get a free edition of ‘The Path of Yoga’. A simple explanation of what yoga is and how to become a yogi. In it you will find many great practices that can transform your life.

Yoga is a spiritual practice, which to some can sound a bit scary or weird, but what that really means is that it’s a practice that aims towards self discovery. The body is an accumulation of all the food you have gathered, and the mind is an accumulation of all the information you have gathered through your senses. What you have gathered can be yours, but it can never be you. So what are you, beyond the body and mind? This is the realm of the spiritual, and the yogic practice is a way towards that- the essence of who and what you are.

The mind and breath are closely linked. When you control your breath, you will also, indirectly, control your mind. With pranayama, we expand our life energy, and learn to handle our thoughts and emotions.

As you progress on this path, you’re not only coming closer to understanding yourself, but you learn to control your thoughts and emotions. You enhance your mental abilities and perception. You break free from your own limitations and irrational fears. With this liberation, comes great joy and inner peace!.


  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Good for joints
  • Good for internal organs
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Increased willpower
  • Increased inner balance
  • Cleansing of the body
  • Increased life-force(prana)

Who is it for?

This is for just about anyone above 16 years of age who are looking to improve their lives physically, mentally and energetically. As you practice you’ll notice you become healthier, more joyful and peaceful as well as your life will become more fulfilling. This is simply because we work on breaking our own limitations. As we do that, our fears will lose their grip, our love becomes pure and our bodies become vital. Life becomes simple. You will find a sustainable source of inner peace and happiness!

No experience or equipment is needed. No one is expecting you to be strong or flexible. If you have any physical ailments and wondering if it will be a problem, please contact me on and I will come back you as soon as possible.

Practical Info

  • – Starting: August (Date coming soon)
  • – Duration: 12 weeks
  • – Sessions last for 90min
  • – Price: Only 2600,-
  • – Included: Free booklet ‘The Path of Yoga’


Book your spot

For questions about booking, please contact Maria at

For questions about the program, please contact me at:
Phone: 41 44 88 59