Yoga Initiation Course Feedback

Thank you for participating in the Yoga Initiation Course! I hope you had a good time and learned something valuable. My focus during this course have been to make you independent in your practice. Here are some of the things I hope you learned!

– A basic understanding of yoga and its practice
– To know and understand how to create a lifestyle that becomes a solid foundation for the rest of your practice.
– To know a full asana sequence and being able to practice it without causing injuries to your body.
– To understand the energy body, and how to control and expand your energies with breathing and mindset.
– Techniques to increase the ability to concentrate and meditate.

I ask you now for help. Your feedback is of great value to me. Please share your experience with me. Note that your feedback may be used to promote future courses, but I will only use your first name. Thank you.