Inner Balance Mandala Challenge

The Inner Balance Mandala Challenge is an amazing opportunity to gain inner balance. Whatever you want to do in your life, to be successful, balance is needed. Balance brings stability, making you feel safe no matter what comes at you.

Balance in the masculine and feminine energy
In yogic tradition the body has several ‘sheets’. One sheet is the physical body, another one is the mental body and a third is the energy body(we have two more known as knowledge and bliss body) Just like a computer has a hardware and software, which are powered by an energy source. This energy body consist of 114 energy centers known as chakras which are connected with 72.000 energy channels called nadis. Of these nadis we have three main nadis known as Ida(feminine), Pingala(masculine) and Sushumna. Once energy is activated in sushumna we experience an unshakable inner peace. Whatever happens on the outside, we remain peaceful inside. It is said that for about 75% the energy is not active in sushumna. If we spend some time balancing the energies in Ida and Pingala, our energy becomes active in sushumna.

Balance between birth, maintenance and destruction
Life consists of three essential aspects; birth, maintenance and destruction. If there is an imbalance in these aspects, things start to collapse. Even within the human body, these three aspects are important, and needs to be properly balanced! Imagine what would happen if new cells weren’t ‘born’, or they weren’t maintained so they died as soon as they were born, or what if they never died and just accumulated in the body? These aspects are connected with certain vibrations, and by uttering the sounds A, U and M, we make these vibrations in our body. If we do it properly and approximately the same length we balance these qualities. This way we make room for new life, what needs to be maintained are maintained and what needs to go will go.

Mandala represent the spiritual journey starting from the outside to the inner core. A mandala is a period of 40 days in which the human body completes a physiological cycle. To properly integrate a new practice, it should therefor be practiced for at least 40 days.

The tools in which you will learn and practice in this challenge are very simple, yet very powerful. Do no underestimate the power of them just because they are simple. The whole practice takes about 10 minutes, twice a day to complete. Many people want to improve their life, but few are willing to make an actual effort. With this challenge, the effort is little and the reward is huge. The only question is, are you willing to commit? For 40 days, you priorities your own wellbeing. For 40 days, you make no excuses, you simply make it happen. For 40 days, you invest in your life.

Some of the benefits you may expect:

– Improved sleep
– Calmer mind
– Increased clarity
– Reduced anxiety and stress
– Increased focus
– Improved physical health
– Increased emotional stability
– Increased energy
– Increased sense of joy and peace