Full Moon Celebrations


Welcome, beautiful lunar beings! Welcome to this gathering under the full moon’s radiant glow to release all the tension that’s been holding us back. As we gaze up at the sky and see the radiant full moon, we’re reminded of the natural cycles of life. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, we too experience moments of growth and release. Yes, those physical knots in your shoulders, the emotional baggage weighing you down, and the mental clutter that’s been clogging your brilliant brain – it’s time to let it all go! But fear not, dear friends, for we have a transformative program planned for you. Over the next two hours, we’ll explore the depths of our inner selves, utilizing ancient rituals, guided meditations, and a touch of humor (because let’s face it, life’s too short to be serious all the time). So sit back, relax, and let the moon work her magic. It’s time to shine!

Price: 450,-


Two days ago I experienced my first full moon celebration at Darsh Yoga. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I knew I had some bottled up, feelings that I needed to release. When I got there, I was holding some anxiety in my heart, but I was met with such love! We started off by breaking through our mental boundaries through music, movement, dance and sound. It was amazing to feel all of my resistance just letting go! We continued by doing a sun salutation, and then Darsh guided a meditation which triggered a strong, emotional response in me, such a release! We finished off by singing along to this amazing song and did some chanting. By the end of it all I felt so steady in my own body and such peace in my heart! Thank you so much for creating such a safe space for people to be be free! So much healing and so much growth.

With love – Michele

You might wonder why the full moon?

The moon, how it affects us and why.


Your head is full of dreams, you wish to indulge yourself in some new exciting experiences – and still there is something inside you that blocks you from taking that first step. Your comfort zone is tempting, as likely as not it’s that comfy couch that calls you over, wraps you with warmth, and then keeps you away from the wonders and dreams you have. But sometimes you hear a call – and sometimes it happens to be the full moon celebration.

Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone? Will I fit there? – those thoughts were running through my mind from the moment I signed up – yes I signed up and still doubted it 🙂 But as my rational brain kept on telling me: You must be willing to get uncomfortable because discomfort is the only path to growth. Apparently, there was no other way, so I went. Not venturing, not gaining.And believe me or not, I fell in love with the journey through the full moon ceremony. It helped me work through my tension points to release their grip, it wasn’t just to shy the tension away – I fully opened up my soul and felt the energy growing in me. I experienced many emotional stages from laughter, anger, fear, bashfulness even embarrassment to finally coming to the state of feeling proud and calm, simply balanced – as I knew I broadened my horizons. All thanks to the outstanding guidelines. The path I’ve been introduced to didn’t overwhelmed me, and we all were in it together. I am grateful and you have my full appreciation. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and passion for supporting others in their personal growth. And thank you for enlightening my day.

– Karolina

Practical Info

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Come on an empty stomach
  • If you tend to freeze easily, bringing a blanket might be a good idea.
  • Yoga-mat will be provided, but you are of course welcome to bring your own if you wish
  • The Full Moon Celebration happens inside at Holistic Center in Pedersgata 32C

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  • OBS! Make sure to add it to your calendar 😉