The Moon

As you may know, a full moon happens once each month. It’s been an important time for yogis for thousands of years. Here’s why:

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but when there is a full moon(and new moon) the water level in the ocean is at its maximum high and low during the tides. This is because the alignment of the moon, sun and earth is such that the effect gravitational pull from both sun and the moon becomes stronger. Since the human body consist of 60-70% water, its not hard to understand that the body is also affected by this. So during the full- and new moon there is a natural upsurge of energies within the human body. Whatever your quality is, it will get enhanced during these times. If you are anxious, you become more anxious, if you are joyful, you become more joyful, if you are meditative, you become more meditative. In the yogic tradition, we work on raising this energy from the bottom of our spine, to the crown of our head. So during these times, we’re getting a litte boost from the solar system, which makes our practice more intense.

The impact on a full moon and a new moon is very different. Those who are truly committed to their practice will make use of the new moon, while those who still live a normal life will make use of the full moon.

Every month I arrange a full moon celebration.