Why Some Yogis Wear White Clothes

Maybe you’ve noticed that some yogis wear a lot of white clothes, and there is a good reason why. Yoga is about raising your consciousness, which means you become more receptive and aware of things that you didn’t notice before. More and more of what- and how you do things become a conscious act, instead of a compulsive one. There is a change where your yoga- practice shifts from being something you do on the mat, to the very way you live your life. The things we do, we do it because we want to function at the best possible way. For instance, if your concern is only about surviving, then you can eat just about anything, but if you want to function the best possible way, you will eat only what is best for you. For a yogi, this is essential, because you want to live a full-fledged life!

So why does it matter what colours the clothes are? As you may already know, white light contains the whole spectrum of colours. If you use a prism, you can split a beam of light into the colours of the rainbow.(see illustration) Every colour has its own wavelength, and depending on the surface it hits, some of the wavelengths are absorbed, while others are reflected. So when you look at a red rose, the only reason why we perceive it as red, is because it absorbs everything but the colour red. Red is reflected, and so that is why it looks red. So when something looks white, it means it reflects all light. Same goes for energies. For a yogi its important to have integrity in your own energy. You don’t want your energies to be disturbed by your surroundings. So for yogis who want to live a relatively normal life within society, they use white clothes as a way of protecting the integrity of their energy. We don’t want to absorb everyones energies, so we’re very careful about wearing black for instance, which absorb everything and reflects nothing.

With that said, please do not take my word for it. Experiment for yourself and see.