Dry Brushing – Ayurvedic Practice

Dry brushing is just what it sounds like- brushing your skin with a dry brush on dry skin. By doing this you scrape the dead skin cells off the top layer of your skin. This is done before you shower. The practice promotes detoxification and stimulates your lymphatic system.

Did you know that your skin is your larges organ? One third of our body’s toxins are excreted through the skin, so it is important to take good care of it. If your skin is covered with dead follicles, it can’t breath and detoxify which will cause inflammation and toxicity in the body. With daily dry brushing you can increase blood flow, boost circulation, reduce appearance of cellulite, remove dead skin cells and help your remaining cells and your body remove waste.

The lymphatic system is like a sewer system which collects, transports and eliminates the waste from our cells. It’s job is very important and dry brushing is extremely cleansing for the system which makes it function a lot better and preventing toxic accumulation.

Dry brushing should be practiced daily before shower, both as a preventative measure to keep your lymphatic system in good health, and as a treatment for when you feel like your toxins have already accumulated. It only takes about five minutes to do, and the benefits are many!

How to dry brush

1 Begin with your arms, with gentle strokes upward towards your heart in long and slow motions.

2 Move to your chest and stomach, again moving towards the heart.

3 Move towards your back. Many people accumulate dead skin cells on their lower back, so this might be an area to focus on. Always brushing towards your heart.

4 Finish your brushing from your feet and up.

Once you’re done, take a bath or a shower and then follow up with Abhyanga practice

You can also dry brush your face, but then by using a separate softer brush, so you avoid bringing toxins from your body to your face.

Wash your brush once a week in a cup of warm water with 3 drops of tea tree oil, then lay the brush bristles down on a towel to dry.