Our vulnerability can be a treasure chest

To be vulnerable is to let down your guard and open yourself to life. It might bring about epic transformation, but this is a two-way sword. If you open yourself without the necessary strength and insight to deal with what might come, it might cause great trauma as well. 

Let’s say you express your deepest love for someone and the person rejects you, it is your strength and insight that determines whether the experience will be transformative or traumatic. If you identify with what was rejected and hold on to that, you may never express your love like that again. With strength you are able to restrain from identifying with the experience and let go of any expectations, and you realise that even though the person rejected you, your love and happiness are still present and available to you. The transformation lays in realising what you are not. 

The more we let down our guard and open ourselves to life properly, the richer life become. Your relationships goes deeper, you become more passionate about the things you do, your perception of life increases, fear decreases- and love increases and you attract more of what you want in life. 

Your ability to make your vulnerability transformative is highly increased by practicing yoga. In yoga we strive to find something deeper than our thoughts and emotions. When you find yourself beyond this you will know that whatever emotions and thoughts you may have, there is a place deeper within you that is completely untouched. The more you get in touch with this, the safer you feel and the stronger you get. Before you know it, the situations that once made your knees weak becomes second nature to you. Your love is expressed freely and openly without any fear of rejection or expectations and your passions are done without the fear of not being good enough.

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