Niyamas – Saucha

Saucha is the first of five Niyamas in the 8 limbs of yoga. When we talk about the Niyamas we talk about practices regarding ourselves. The word Niyama is often translated as ‘positive duties’.

You might have noticed that if you walk onto your mat to practice yoga with a lot of ‘impurities’ or negativity the whole practice become quite hard, because you first have to work your way through all of it before you can really start to tune into the asanas properly.

Saucha is about purity, both in body and mind. A way to practice Saucha is to not engage in discussions, or to limit your intake of depressing news on TV. This will fill your mind with negativity. Another way of practicing would be to eat clean, vital and organic food, or do different types of cleanses.

Although the Niyamas are mainly directed at our own being, it is also beneficial to look at our surroundings to see what we can do to purify it, as we purify ourselves. Can cleaning the beach of garbage be a way of practicing Saucha? I definitely think so!


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