Holistic and Strong Foundation

I feel more confident in my yoga practice than I ever have! Darsh has helped me build a strong foundation for my yoga practice through anchoring basic postures into my bodily memory – safely, without causing injuries. And weaving breathing exercises, meditation, energy practices and yogic philosophy into his classes has made for a very holistic experience, helping me understand how the 8 limbs of yoga are all interconnected. I now have a greater understanding of yoga as a whole, which deepens my practice. 

If you want a high quality and well guided introduction into yoga – or even just want to dive deeper – I warmly recommend the Yoga Initiation Course! You’ll get as much out of this course as you put into it, so if you fully apply yourself, I’m sure you’ll find that your time and money are wonderfully well spent.

Thanks again, Darsh, for this rich experience!