Anne Marie

 The Initiation Course in Yoga taught by Lars Olav is, in my experience, a one-of-a-kind yoga course. Here you get the opportunity to learn the different in-depth aspects of yoga (and not just yoga as a purely physical exercise).

Lars Olav taught us the sun salutation in detail, also adding focal points that I have not been introduced to earlier. Further, we studied the yamas and niyamas (‘moral codes’), meditation, pranayma (breath work), other energy work, and there was also time for relevant discussions and conversations. By giving us weekly homework, we were encouraged to keep the practice going off the mat and in our daily life.

It is apparent that Lars Olav loves what he does and is passionate about sharing what yoga as a lifestyle can give to others. It is really refreshing to experience an instructor that is not afraid of slowing the pace and really go into every detail in every aspect of the practice. By doing so Lars Olav creates a safe space where you feel seen and included, and where he challenges every participant to grow in his or her practice.

I highly recommend The Initiation Course with Lars Olav to anyone who is curious about yoga or anyone who wants to deepen their already ongoing practice.