The Yoga Initiation Course has been an enriching journey for me. Lars Olav teaches holistic-oriented yoga with great emphasis on how to implement his study of methods into your everyday life. Every lesson he made room for talking and getting to know the participants, and we had a lot of interesting discussions. He has an outstanding ability to ask good questions and to offer perspectives that challenges you (in a fun way). The relatively small group size makes you get to know the others, and you really feel the shared experience of learning. If a participant missed a lesson, he put the others in the teaching position of having to go through (both explaining and practical showing) what last lesson was about. I really appreciated this, because it made us feel like a group.
The activities in the course ranges from asanas (the physical postures) to concentration exercises, meditation and breathwork techniques to chanting as well as keeping the energetic body in focus. The asanas is very back-to-roots type yoga, and I found the repetition from lesson to lesson really valuable, because it makes you master the sequence with confidence. I have implemented this particular sun-salute sequence into my everyday practice with great benefits.
Lars Olav knows his stuff, and his genuineness in sharing his big bag of knowledge and wanting people to live happy and more fulfilling lives really shines through. Both my view and approach to yoga has been broadened after being around such an invested and passionate teacher! 
The Initiation course hands you many tools for your toolbox, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to establish a disciplinary practice of their own.