I have been practising with Lars Olav for more than a year. He has a great energy and a wonderful ability to hold space. He takes a holistic approach to Yoga and is keen on sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. In Lars Olav’s classes, you can expect to go further from the physical yoga asana practice, something that I find few other classes in the area do.  
I took Lars Olav’s course even though I am not new to yoga. Still, I found that in the course we covered a variety of topics (Asana practice, Yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation) and practices that I had not done before, without brushing on a lot of topics on the surface. Instead, there was enough time to delve a little deeper into the aspects of the practice or philosophy he focused on. I particularly enjoyed that each session had a combination of discussion on the philosophy or practice and actually practice, whether that be asana, mediation or pranayama. Lars Olav created a space where we could share our experiences, struggles and achievements in a comfortable and safe environment. 
I can really recommend Lars Olav’s initiation course for those seeking to go deeper into their yoga practice and philosophy.