Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Date: 20.-23. august (Friday-monday)

Together with massage therapist and coach Monica Abrahamsen, I invite you to our unique mini-retreat at Randøy- a beautiful island in the amazing Ryfylket. We will meet at a cozy cabin with view towards the sunrise over the Fister Fjord. urrounded by nature, we can relax,
practice yoga, eat good food and have good conversations.
Everyone will also get a treatment from massage therapist Monica.
On sunday there is a full moon, which we will make use of with
a full moon ceremony, including body movements, mediation,
drumjourney and kirtan..

Date: 20.-23. Aug.
Price: kun 2.800,-
(2520,- For all Holistic Center costumers. Please write so in booking form)
All included; 3 nights, food, daily yoga, 1 massage treatment and a rare opportunity- the full moon ceremony.

Why full moon ceremony?
It’s well known that the tide happens due to the gravitational force of the moon. What is not as well known, but is getting more and more attention these days, are the effects the moons gravitational force has on our bodies. When the moon can push and pull the entire ocean it’s not hard to understand that it can also affect us. After all, our bodies do consist of 60-70% water. When the moon is full and new, the gravitational force is stronger, and so the effects are bigger. How much you notice of the effects depends on your receptiveness. Whether you can feel it or not, there is a natural upsurge of energies within the human body at these times, and so we make use of that in our practice to raise our energy. Yogis have been well aware of this and used full- and new moons consciously for thousands of years as the practice gets much more powerful.

Practical info:

We will meet at the cabin friday around 6pm. You can drive there with car, or take the boat. We will help organising the trip and make sure everyone gets there easily. The drive from Stavanger Centrum takes about 1,5 hours. We leave on monday around 3-4 pm.

For questions, please contact me at 41 44 88 59, or

fill out form for booking

Obs! After you’ve sent the form you will receive information about payment. Your booking is complete when your payment is completed. Your payment is binding, and will only be refunded if the retreat gets canceled.

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